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Dental unit


Specification :    


Power voltage:220V  110V/ 50Hz, 60HZ

Motor voltage:24V

Water pressure:0.2MPa-0.4MPa

Air pressure:0.5MPa-0.8MPa 

Products Details

Standard equipment:

24V D.C noiseless motor:1set 

Low speed handpiece connector:1set 

3-way syringe (cold and hot):1pcs 

High speed handpiece connector:2sets 

Sanitary cushion and backrest:1set 

Doctor’s stool:1pcs 

Built-in water purified system:1set 

Operation lamp:1set 

Film viewer:1set 

Saliva ejector (strong and weak):1set 

Automatic cup filler:1set 

rotatable ceramic spittoon:1set  



dental operating light with sensor( or LED operating light)

Top-mounted instrument tray

fiber handpiece tube with  light system

high speed handpiece

low speed handpiece

built in utrasonic scaler

built in curing light

dental oral camera system

leather cushion

suction unit

oil free air compressor

GD-S350D with cart  dental unit unique specs:

1. Colorful unit box with rotatable function

2. Touch button alternative color temperature LED sensor light 

3. Ergonoic solutions chair, make patient more comfortable .

4. 9 momery touch screen control system.

5. Fashional headrest

6. Aluminum backrest & leather cushion 

7. Rotatable removed caramic spitoon    

8. Imported Solenoid valve 

9. Fashional double handrest

10.High quality imported suction tube

11. High quality 24V D.C noiseless motor

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