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Extraoral Dental Suction

Extraoral dental Suction system unit
Extraoral dental Suction system unit
Extraoral dental Suction system unit GD-V105

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Gladent Extraoral dental Suction system unit - Health guardian for protecting doctors and patients 

During oral treatment, in the process of high speed handpice, ultrasonic scaler or powder scaler, bacterial aerosol or droplets which include a lot of saliva and blood would pollute the doctor and the patient's health seriously.

Extraoral suction unit use the strong suction pressure and large flow rate, with the 63mm suction pipe wide mouth sucker, it can achieve a huge suction flow rate which negative pressure suction can't compare with, this could reduce the cross infection risk of doctors and patients greatly.

High efficient plasma sterilization (80 million plasma) and HEPA filter (high efficiency air purification) ensure the clean exhaust gas.

Mute casters at the bottom and the top ring handle design can meet the needs of convenient movement.

Universal suction arm can meet the needs of the appropriate position control.

Quickly mounted wide mouth sucker, quick removal and installation, disposable use, avoid cross infection. 



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